Tuesday, October 4, 2011

my issues with clothes..

I have an issue I've been mulling over for some time now.
I think it's always been on the back of mind but more so
ever since I decided to post outfit pictures on my little blog here.

You see, I am not hip with the new fashion trends out there..
I am usually the girl that loves the color that was "in" last season. Yeah, that's me alright.
I don't go for trendy and stylish.. I just go for pieces that I can wear and remix with other pieces in
my closet.
I can't mix florals and stripes to save my life but I love to see others do it.
I love that others can just put together a thrifted outfit or an outfit with 5 different colors and make
it look like it just came out of a magazine.
And if you can do that.. then God has blessed you with some serious skills.. seriously.
Because you, my fashionably-dressed-friend, are inspiring women in ways that you don't even know about.

Even though I lack in the style department, I desire to dress up.. and look nice and put together.
As I'm in the shower {I do my best thinking in the shower} I think of what I'm going to wear
and try to plan it all in my head.
It saves me from having to sit in my closet, wet and cold while I decide what to wear.
The shoes,
skirt or shorts?
the accessories..
I try to give my personal appearance some attention.
But it is such a small part of who I am.

"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment,
such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes,
Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of
a gentle and quiet spirit" 1Peter 3:3-4

I worry, though, that my desire to look put together comes across in a negative way.
That I appear vain and shallow and superficial to people... especially people that are just
becoming to know me.
And while I don't subscribe to other peoples opinion of myself,
the manner in which I represent myself is important to me.
Because it's a representation of my faith.. of Him.
I am a reflection of Him who lives inside of me,
of Him who has given me so much,
of Him who deserves all the glory.

So, my friends, as you look around my little blog here..
you will see some pretty pictures,
you will see some posts of me showing off my outfits,
you will hear me rant and rave about my kids, family & friends,
you will most definitely hear of my cooking issues..
but I hope that you can tell who the center of this blog is.
It is not I, it is Him.. and that's the way it should always be.

And so I have to remember that caring about my outward appearance is not wrong
and that I shouldn't feel guilty about it,
so long as I remember to focus on him and continue to grow in my walk with Him.

This is a little something for me to think about the next time I'm getting ready and I hope it provides
you with some encouragement if you have felt the same way:
{from the reflect & pray section in my bible}

And now that I've gotten this life issue out of the way
I can fully focus my energy on another life issue:
should I or should I not eat a chocolate cupcake?
{it's 11:30pm and I've got a chocolate cupcake calling my name}

Now that's a tough one :)

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Vivian said...

You are beautiful on the inside and outside. Your writing shows it. Thank you for sharing and letting others know what truly matters. On another note...it's just one cupcake, right? and just tonight? right? DO IT :)

Nancy said...

I just love this post. Pure beauty is reflecting Jesus' love and I think your outfits are darling. Love the scarf. :) Your last quote is perfect. So true.

katie said...

I hope you went for the cupcake! You are beautiful and I appreciate you sharing this about yourself.

hannah singer said...

well, i am new here, and i can tell who the center of this space is. you're shining his light, girl! love your prompt at the end. and if i ever get a shower today;) i am on it!! xo

Aly @ mommie diaries said...

i love this. and i love that quote at the end! what a beautiful way to thank God for creating us to be who we are, cute outfits and makeup and all!

PS thanks for your sweet comment :)

Heather said...

I really admire you for embracing and being honest with something that has been on your heart. I know this has been hard, girl!
I personally love your WIWW posts :) So I think you should still keep them up hehe :) Praying for you girl!

heartland farmhouse said...

Flo you are the best 'new' blog I've found in weeks! I LOVE it when there's a balance of faith enter-mixed with real life! Faith lived out in life!

YOU are a blessing!!!

EverythingIam-blogspot.blogspot.com said...

I just discovered you from Call Me Blessed. You are so cute! i think your syle is grand! Cute, cute, cute.

Amanda said...

loved your post today! thank you for sharing! xoxo you are gorgeous on the inside and out ! and i hope you totally devoured that cupcake! ;)

carina@a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut said...

LOVE this. Thanks so much for sharing - this really is encouraging. God's timing is amazing. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't care as much as I do about looking "put together", which doesn't happen the often, honestly. But there is a balance, and I can do it to His glory. Love the thoughts from your Bible, too. Thanks again!

Auntie Bliss said...

Fashion if a fun hobby! Some people make it their god but it is obvious you have a pure heart and love the Lord :)

rachel said...

definitely, eat the cupcake. ; )

Amy said...

You know that you're such a beautiful person inside and out no matter what. ♥ And I hope you ate the cupcake...cupcakes are beautiful too, especially chocolate ones.

Cate said...

Loved reading this - it's something I think about too, particularly as a "fashion" blogger. The balance can sometimes get out of whack. But I try to remember to live my life as the Proverbs 31 woman I was called to be, and clothe myself in strength and dignity first. All the other stuff is just icing on the cake.:)

You are beautiful!!
Cate @wildruffle

Lisa Anderson said...

I'm a new follower of your blog and I came across this post, and I feel the exact same way! You said things perfectly. First, I think your outfits are cute! Doesn't matter if you are following the 'latest' trend because it is what it is, a trend and it will be over soon. Your outfits are something that you can re-wear every year.
Second, just cause you have pretty pictures, fashion post, and a happy blog, doesn't mean your faith is any less. I struggle with the same issue and feeling like my blog isn't a true reflection of my love for God, but I have to remind myself that my blog is only a portion of who I am, not all of who I am.
Sorry for this long comment lol I hope you had that cupcake ;)