Friday, August 12, 2011

I love you Friday.

My favorite day of the week!
This week I'm lovin':

Pinterest. I'm officially addicted and only have one thing to say about it: GENIUS
Word of warning: you will get sucked in
{and realize you haven't made dinner yet, your laundry is still sitting in the washer
and you have no recollection of what your kids have been doing for the last hour}. 

The Do It Yourself magazine. Makes me want to make a built in from dresser drawers..
well, maybe that's a little ambitious. But it is inspiring me to get off of pinterest and
make something. With a nice cold sweet tea from McDonald's.
Now I know this is probably not as good as the sweet tea from Georgia
but this is as good as it gets for us Californians.

A snack and an afternoon movie. This will give me a good hour to get things done.
Or to get on pinterest again.

My little sister.
You are beautiful.
God made you extra special.
Your light is shining so very bright.
{kiss kiss}
I love it when you come to visit us.
{kiss kiss}

I'm loving my Lola again. We have figured out our issues
and I feel as if we now have a different relationship.
I tell her what to do and she does it.
Works perfectly.

Two of my kids start school on Monday so we'll be busy
soaking in the last bit of summer this weekend.
A back to school picnic, school shopping, family time and some more pool time.
And lots of pictures {of course}.

Have a wonderful weekend!

**Updated to include two link up parties I just joined.
I love me some fun photography link ups.

the hollie rogue

Signing off for reals now :)


andi said...

hi beautiful friend,

I'm so glad you found me and linked up this week, because I got to find (and follow!) a new awesome blog as well! your kids are so cute and after reading your "about me" page, I think we have a lot in common. I saw you are taking a photography course online--do you mind telling me what it is or where i could find info about it? I'm really a huge beginner and don't really know much but I'm hungry to learn everything i can!
sorry this was the longest comment ever!
blessings friend,
Andi :)

theolivetree said...

I love afternoon movies and snacks and naps so I can get things done....or stalk pinterest :)

Erin said...

So you know what I love? You, your blog, and your pictures. I am so glad you somehow found my blog today. You are so cute and I can not wait to keep reading more from you..thank you for linking up and for being my 300th follower. You probably deserve some special prize or something..I'll work on that, ha :)