Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wiww & how do you all do it?

I don't know how you all do it.
This blogging business is hard work!
Some of my favorite blogs post entries Seriously? I'd like to know the secret.
Because right now, I post on Tuesday night so that I can link up to WIWW.
And I'm lucky if I can squeeze in another post during the week.
Maybe it's because it's summer and our schedule is just crazy busy.

And I really enjoy this blogging thing.
I really do. Just wish I had more time to devote to it.
My photography class is ending soon and I've let go of some other commitments
that should free up some of my time {unless I fill it with something else of course}.

Enough of that.
I've got two outfits to share this week.

Jeans: Express, Shirt: Forever 21, Bracelet: Forever 21, Sandals: {old} Target

I love this shirt.
It's perfect for when you've eaten one too many Hostess chocolate cupcakes.
Hides it all. Love it.

Dress: gifted, Target, Vest: {old} Marshall's, Sandals: {old} Target

This was my Fourth of July dress.
It was so stinkin' hot.. it was 102 degrees or something crazy like that.
Immediately after this picture, I took the dress off, slipped on my bathing suit
and spent the next 5 hours at the pool.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth!

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Petra said...

Seriously. I ask myself the same question. I'm just getting into blogging so there is much still to learn...but posting WIWW is about all I've found I can do (just about! :)
I too hit the pool up this weekend. Way too hot for the bay area...never thought I would welcome the fog back, but I did.

Amber said...

Adore your 4th outfit and I am with you on wearing as little as possible and moving only when necessary...I am glad it is not just me on the blog posts I aim for 3 a week and others do 3 a day! Although I have noticed that it has slowed down in blogland, summer seems far more relaxed. Enjoy your week lovely. ax

Jennifer said...

love your outfits!! :)

Melissa, SoChick! said...

Love the first shirt and your Fourth outfit is so pretty! I totally let WIWW slip from me this week. I've been posting daily with the exception of this past weekend and this week... summer with the kids at home is catching up with me, ha. It's not easy! I enjoy it, but, whew! While my girls are on vacation with the grandparents I plan on writing and scheduling future posts... hopefully that'll give me more breathing room. :-)

Alissa said...

That Fourth outfit is the best. I don't think the vest/jacket gets any better than that. Super cute!

Amy said...

I feel you on the blogging. I just started my blog and it's a ton of work. I hope it gets easier as you do it more?
I absolutely LOVE the white dress and red top, very cute on you!

Aubree said...

I love both tops! Especially the floral one! Way to work it!!

Linda Z said...

I love both of these... so pretty and feminine! That white dress is so breezy and wonderful! :)

Conni said...

I love that cute floral top, so cute

momstheword said...

Cute clothes and I really love the outfit you wore on the Fourth! It's just so feminine and I love the punch of red.

I don't know how people do it either. I love the WIWW because not only does it keep me accountable but it's an easy post (I add the picture each day so doesn't take much time).

When I first started I was posting 5-6 days a week, but I can't keep up with that anymore. I do my meme and the WIWW meme, and then try to add one more post and that is more than enough for me, lol!

Sharde said...

the floral top looks amazing on you! i love it! youre lookin good flor :)

the style projects

Christine - Tutorial Addict lol said...

I ADORE that white dress! What a cute holiday outfit :) The F21 blouse is SUPER cute too, totally makes me miss mine even more :(

Jodi said...

Love your floral top so much! And the white dress - so pretty :) I also scrolled down to last week's WIWW (I'm a bit behind) and I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but that yellow striped maxi dress is my favorite maxi dress EVER.