Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Happy List..

This weeks HAPPY list..

All of this makes me happy.
That's what I love about this photography thing.
I take the picture, leave it on my camera.
And when I go to look it up and edit it, it's as if I'm reliving the moment again.
I must have caught the gardening bug that's going around.
Usually my husband is the one that catches it but I seem to have been exposed to it.
And it makes it much more tolerable when you have the brightest, cutest little plastic watering can so that
you can water your one little flower.

I think I'm getting good at this gardening thing.

Chalk+sidewalk+boredom=chalk fun.
Entertained them for a good hour and they thought it was hilarious.
Now that I think about it, I think I forgot to bathe them before they went to sleep.

Our swimming gear.
And this isn't even the half of it.
What happened to drying off in the sun?

I'm going to have to find a way to bedazzle the baby seat - it needs a little somethin' somethin'.
Gray is just not our color.

Our local fun place lets kids get in for $2 on Wednesdays.
They get some tokens and unlimited time in their huge play area {genius idea}
It's awesome.
Next time, I'm going to be prepared.
I'm going to take our lunch and dinner there.. and catch up on my magazines and books.

And now, time to get to these.
Because unless you know of  a way to magically get them clean
they aren't gonna get done themselves.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Jennifer said...

looks like a lot of fun!

Petra said...

These are such beautiful shots, Flor, you really got this photography stuff down! I'm impressed! I know you've probably posted before, but what camera do you use? My birthday is coming up and I'm thinking of asking the hubby for a camera. :-)

Flor said...

Thanks Jennifer! p.s I love your little profile pic of you and your son :)

Petra: Im learning but still kinda don't really know what I'm doing half of the time. I have a Nikon D5000.. its a great camera. A camera would be a great birthday present :)

Sheila White said...

How fun!! Such great summer pics. You have inspired me to take a family bike ride today. :)