Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I don't know of any other 3 year old child that has 3 birthday parties in one week.
Note to self: just throw one party next year. Just one.

But what is a mother to do?
Her birthday party landed on a Tuesday (party #1)
and her playgroup friends had to celebrate with us on our
normal playgroup day (party #2)
and then the actual big bash was on a Saturday for friends and family (party #3).
Did you get all that?
I can barely keep up myself.

But, it was a magical week for her..
it was a week of
more family
extra hugs and kisses
and knowing that she is one number closer to her
big brother an sister.
And with that comes an extra dose of bossiness.

Prepare yourself for pictures galore.
And I will not be offended if you decided
to skip this post and mentally call me crazy.

Party #1

And that was just the beginning.

Party #2
{with our playgroup friends}
A-Mode, Focal Length: 35mm, f5, 1/1000, ISO 200
{I managed to get this picture and not one child was looking at me}

A-Mode, Focal Length: 35mm, f5, 1/1600, ISO 200
{how's this for a birthday outfit? nice.}

Party #3

It's going to take me a week to recover from this one.
But it was so much fun!

A-Mode, Focal Length: 35mm, f1.8, 1/4000, ISO 320

And if your still reading this
give yourself a mental high five :)

{our very own family clown, not for hire}

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Michelle said...

Hi Flor! You stopped by my blog a few weeks ago from Meg's Whatever blog, thank you for your sweet comment, I hope you get around to making that wreath, it's a lot of fun!

These parties look amazing, and such creativity! I love the ring toss game you show above, that's really smart to use water bottles! I love your pictures too! I wish I had a nice camera...all I have is a canon point and shoot...nothing fancy, but I am hoping to get one next year!

I tried to "follow" you but it's there is a blank square where the followers section is....weird, maybe i'll try again this afternoon. Well sorry for writing a LONG novel on here...I'll catch you later....feel free to drop by my page and say hello!